KWE Network - the place where blockchain tech meets Green Energy production

Our unique Solar Power  + Gravity Storage + Blockchain Integration concept will disrupt the Green Energy Production Market. Disruption allows worldwide DIRECT participation in the energy production and retail process via blockchain-based smart contracts using our KWE token and network. Our ultimate goal is to protect the environment and accelerate the decarbonization of the global economy.

Staking KWE tokens

Staking KWE tokens will produce Green Energy and daily rewards (see the Whitepaper). The process will be governed by smart contracts specially developed for this  purpose. Alternatively, you can use our platform’s financial tools to participate in other Green Energy projects or initiatives. We anticipate great interest for our unique staking pool. 

KWE staking pool

Daily payouts

KWE is a Blockchain project connected to the real world economy

Participate in this revolutionary project and help disrupt the Green Energy Market. KWE Network and the KWE token are not speculative in nature. We create value in the real world by using crypto and the power of blockchain tech combined with ultra-efficient green energy-producing projects. Wherever you are in the world, join our project and get rewarded.

KWE token, the backbone of our platform

KWE Network and its KWE Token offer a long-term value proposition for investors in the crypto space and accredited financial investors. By leveraging the crypto’s speculative risks with real-world profit generation, the platform combines the best of the two worlds to produce sustainable synergies and generate wealth. Say good bye to pump and dumps and over leveraged crypto. 

KWE Network is based on the 3 pillars of excellence

Our core values are aligned with today’s reality and we are aware of the environmental challenges that the world is currently facing. Our combined efforts, intelligence, and willpower can transform the planet and allow everyone to participate in the green-energy market revolution that we are foreseeing. Below are the 3 main pillars of excellence that our platform is built upon.

Tech and Specs

 Highlights about the platform and the technology behind it. Please consult our Whitepaper for more detailed information on our platform. 

We use Substrate, a scalable blockchain solution

Substrate make building a blockchain far easier, faster, cheaper and safer than ever before. As an open-source framework, developers gain free access to a wide code base developed and used by industry leading teams, building some of the biggest networks today.

Non speculative Energy efficient crypto projects

Too many crypto projects consume huge amounts of energy and are speculative in nature. We will take out of the equation the energy waste and the speculative part of the crypto, by employing avantgarde green energy production solutions and by using the energy efficient POS (Proof of Stake) Substrate’s algorithm, instead of POW (Proof of Work – like Bitcoin’s algorithm for example).

DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Our financial activities from staking procedure to rewards distribution, on chain governance and democracy and the smart contracts necessary for the proper operation of the platform ,will be based on DAO’s. Thus all the financial transactions and their rules will be encoded in the blockchain, effectively removing the need for a central governing authority.

Real Life Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects

We implement real life use for the blockchain technology. For example we use the blockchain’s staking process, our KWE token and smart contracts to ensure that all the participants will receive a $$ daily reward. How? The staking of KWE tokens during non peak hours (buy cheap green energy) and selling it at peak hours ( more expensive) produces real world profit obtained from producing and selling green energy. 

Tech and Industry insiders are rating the KWE Network concept to 5 Stars .

“The KWE Network concept and technology have the potential to become the next Big crypto project to invest. We talk about disrupting the Green Energy Producing Market. That’s amazing and exciting in the same time!”

Alexander Andrew Romans

Alexander Andrew Romans

Blockchain consultant, Financier.



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